Palm Grove Neighborhood Association

 There's No Place Like Home

The Palm Grove Neighborhood Association (PGNA) is a recognized neighborhood association by the City of El Paso, Texas.  Founded in 2017, the primary purpose

of this association is to represent the collective interests of our neighborhood through community advocacy, group action and citizen collaboration. Ultimately, we know our collective efforts can continue to maintain the quality of life for those of us who reside in Palm Grove.


The Palm Grove Neighborhood Association's boundaries (filed with the City of El Paso)

are shown on the map to the right.  The boundaries define the Palm Grove area within the following streets:

  • South  –  Montwood Dr

  • West   –  McRae Blvd

  • North  –  Album Ave

  • East    –  Zanzibar Rd

The Palm Grove Neighborhood Association resides between our friends at The Cielo Vista Neighborhood Association and The Travis White Neighborhood Association.


The Palm Grove Neighborhood Association of El Paso, Texas is here to advocate and maintain the quality of life for ourselves and for our neighbors.  Please let us know of any interests or issues you may have.

Also, please drop us a line to accept an open invitation, as our guest, for the bi-monthly Greet & Meet Tea Party. It's time to meet our neighbors! 


Hoping to see you soon!

Isabel Alarcon, President

Palm Grove Neighborhood Association



 The Palm Grove Neighborhood Association meets every 2nd Wednesday of the month, from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm.


Through July 2018, we met in the multipurpose room, at Gary Del Palacio Recreation Center, (Eastwood Park, aka Album Park for us old timers) at 3001 Parkwood, El Paso, TX 79925.


However, our Venue just changed beginning Wed, Aug 8, 2018 (see What's New), and we wish to extend our deep appreciate to Eastwood Park for being generous and gracious hosts. 


ija0816@gmail.com@gmail.com  or Call 915-305-3118